5th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (RTD5)

PROGRAM (More information: http://www.icrtcanada.ca/)


Access for All


Sheila King, AustraliaforAll.com – Australia

Maria Morais, Cooperbom Tourism – Brazil (TBC)

Fan Zhang, Youth Engagement – China

Fabio Sacco and Stefano Andreotti, Youth Action for Change, Antipodi Tourism – Italy  “Education in the tourism field for Youth Action for Change associates.”

Jennifer McGowan, Dalhousie University – Canada  “The sustainable livelihoods and tourism intersect: Gender, power structures and local market vendors in Aguas   Calientes, Peru”

Local Economic Development

Carol Patterson, Kalahari Management – Canada

Krisztian Vas, University of  Waterloo – Canada  ”Utilizing the Product Club Approach for Birding Trail Planning”

Toney Thomas, Taylor’s University – Malaysia                                                                                                                    “Unexpected influence of tourism in the vulnerable economic region, the impact of tourism on native community and primary economic sector”

Shri Taware Pandurang, Agri Tourism Development Corporation – India

Ken Fiske, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation – Canada

Daniella Sachs, University of the Witwatersrand – South Africa

 “Ecolodge Development: a tool for achieving economic empowerment and environmental protection?An evaluation of how the construction process of an ecolodge in ecologically sensitive coastal areas can be used to contribute to economic empowerment and environmental protection in neighbouring communities.”

Mansour Ghanian, Khuzestan Ramin Agriculture & Natural Resources University – Iran (TBC)

Indigenous Tourism

Dr. Filipo Tokalau, University of the South Pacific – Fiji Islands (TBC)

Kevin Smith, Toucan Travel – Canada (TBC)

Kamal Thapa, Pokahra University – Nepal

Bruce Whyte, British Columbia Arts and Culture Branch – British Columbia                                                                            “Getting Aboriginal Tourism Ready for the Main Stage: A Pilot at Butchart Gardens”

Katelijne Lenaerts, Outback Business Network at Desert Knowledge Australia – Australia

“Enterprise and Livelihoods in Indigenous Tourism”

Other Innovative Ideas and Initiatives

Alberta Land-Use Framework

Andreas Walmsley, ICRT Leeds Metropolitan University – UK                                                                                                             “An Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility in International Hotel Groups”

Source: International Centre for Responsible Tourism Canada

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