An interpreter is….

imagesCA7NFDYX…someone who Works with people to convey the meaning of our cultural and natural landscapes and the features that make up these landscape. An interpreter is invested in a life-long quest of learning and experience, and in sharing that accumulated wisdom. He or she is familiar with and practices effective communication technique and strives to create meaningfull and provocative stories. An interpreter has a grounding in the liberal arts, and keeps current with the news (local, regional, national, international), to better relate to a diverse consortium of visitors.


An interpreter can communicate excitement for the resource and inspire a response. An interpreter is deeply concerned with the welfare of visitors –their safety, their dignity- the quality of their experiences. He or she interpreters imaginatively by knowledge and personal example.


An interpreter acts out of authority anf humility; confidence and compassion; respect for others and one’s own integrity; stability and enthusiasm; and  joy. An interpreter treats others with kindness.


Source: Interpretation for the 21st Century: Fifteen Guiding Principles for Interpreting Nature and Culture, Second Edition

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